The Real Team - Piercing & Tattoo

Tattoo Artist - Murdok

Find my work on - @tattoomurdok

Body Piercer - Abby Ring


 Abby is our full time resident piercer here at Real - She is trained in both cannular and blade using a mix of both. 

She is the proud owner of 2 kids, a husband, and a couple of cats. 

You can find her at rock festivals, local gigs or any rum stand along the south coast. 

The Studio Artists

Real have resident piercers, guest piercers and specialist piercers. 

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The others...

Piercer & Social Media - Emily Turvey


Blade body piercer Emily has been at Real since July 2018 and has been trained in-house.

Emily can be found both in the shop and in the jewellery making department above the shop working her magic on social media. 

(If found please return to the forest so she can reunite with the pack of wolves that raised her)

Owner & Migraine Piercing Specialist - Richard Soper


Richard founded Real in 2002, after spending 20 years in the keep-fit industry teaching aerobics, personal training, as well as selling physiotherapy equipment and doing reflexology.

He now runs Real and BMG Jewellery as well as with a Harley Street clinic specialising in the migraine piercing. He is a government funded researcher of Vagus Nerve Stimulation.

Body Piercer - Harley Fox


Harley Fox - Cannula Piercer, has been piercing since 2008 and is very popular here at Real.  

She is also an entertainer, hula hoop artist, fire eater and works at the Doe Haze Circus of Horrors.  Vegan.

Dresses up a lot, pulls it off every time.

"Cool lass this one!"

There's more...

Customer Services - Caroline Fagan


Caroline is our well reviewed customer service guru!

Every day we get told how good our customer service is and this is all down to this lovely lady. She works with the Jewellery making team upstairs. 

She is essential to the business but do not let her go too long without a cup of tea.

Head Goldsmith - Barnaby King


 Barnes has a talent and creativity by the bucket load. This shows in each and every piece of jewellery he creates.

He has been a part of the team for over 10 years. He is a family man with 3 kids.

His other loves are tattoos, dreadlocks and cups of coffee.

Goldsmith - Geoff Smith


Geoff has been with  BMG Jewellery for as long as we can remember - if you order a customised nose stud, he is the one who will make it. 

He has been a goldsmith for over 10 years. and has such an eye for precision.

Geoff loves cycling and is a keen competitive rider even at the tender age of 69.

Saving the best for last...

Body Piercer - Nicole Gilbert


Nicole has been working for real since 2015 - she was our resident piercer for nearly 2 years and now she has flown the nest to concentrate on developing her career in social care.

She now assists around the shop on the weekends and school holidays to help us out.

Nicole is great with kids, her coloured hair is always a talking point with people of all ages!

Love's live concerts, hula hooping and game of thrones!

She loves GOT so much she got her self inked by our artist to show off her love for the show!